Five Reasons Why You Will Love Deminuage

1. It’s an award-winning alternative to microneedling

The Deminuage NanoPen uses a grid of microscopic NanoChips to instantly make facial serums 20x more effective. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, blemishes, dark circles, uneven skin tone, and texture, and scarring leaving behind more youthful, radiant-looking skin with no downtime.

2. It’s non-invasive, safe, and no side-effect

Our NanoChips create microscopic channels in the outermost layer of the skin without affecting the dermis, ensuring there is no pain, bleeding, or discomfort. And since these channels close within 20 minutes of use, you can continue on with your normal skincare and makeup routine.

3. It’s a convenient upgrade

Compact and portable, the NanoPen gives you a quicker, more effective daily facial that is an easy upgrade to your current routine. The Deminuage NanoChips are single-use and individually-packed for safety and convenience, both at home and on the go.

4. It’s an affordable daily skincare alternative to the spa 

Deminuage gives you a medical-spa grade treatment in the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost. And since you can use it with products you already own, you don’t have to invest in any costly new serums.

5. It’s customizable to fit your daily skincare routines 

Our NanoPen is made to help personalize your daily routine. You can choose the serum that is most effective against the skin issue you’d like to tackle and also switch it up from Daily to Boosters NanoChips for a deeper glow.

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