Grand Booster 纳米晶片(5片装)

Grand Booster 纳米晶片(5片装)


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  • 请注意,Grand Booster NanoChips需要与NanoPen一起使用。NanoPen单独出售
  • 每周使用1-2次,与Daily NanoChips一起使用可获得更好的效果。
  • NanoChip由坚硬的高纯度硅制成,以确保没有疼痛,出血或停机时间。
  • Booster NanoChips只可以一次性使用,单独包装以确保安全和方便。
  • 建议与点美纪亮白精华素搭配使用,也可以与任何精华素搭配使用。


  • 5x 点美纪Grand Booster NanoChips

    Recommended Serum

    Treatment Instructions:

    1. Ensure that the scalp is both clean and dry.
    2. Apply Rogain by either spraying or evenly spreading it over the scalp.
    3. Use the NanoChip to treat the scalp and cover the desired area. To properly apply the treatment, exert only 30% of the force and limit the duration of each spot to no more than 3 seconds. Also, ensure not to treat the same spot more than 3 times.
    4. Spend no more than 10 seconds at each spot.

    Why Deminuage

    Compare to applying skincare products alone, Deminuage NanoChips offer more effectiveness thanks to ability to provide 10x-20x absorption. Powered by QuickPore nanotechnology with 42 global patents, Deminuage carries a line of non-invasive skincare solutions used at med spas and at home
    Compared to traditional micro-needling, the NanoPen is non-invasive. There is no bleeding, no down time – you may do it on your own, in the comfort your own home. In just 30 minutes after using Deminuage, you can wear makeup and continue your normal activities
    With Deminuage NanoPen and NanoChips, you can use any of your trusted skincare products. Deminuage serums are also tested to work safely and effectively on different types of skin – dry, oily, different skin tones, and even sensitive skin

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