Adapting your skincare to the changing seasons

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Does the drop in temperatures have you staring longingly at your boot collection and snuggling up in your favorite scarves to embrace the start of sweater weather? While you’re busy prepping your wardrobe to add further protection against harsher elements, don’t forget to do the same with your skincare. 

Since constantly switching from the cold damp of the outside to the dry warmth of your home disrupts your skin’s outermost layer, your skin is more susceptible to dehydration and inflammation during these cooler months. This can result in skin that’s red and sensitive or dry and flaky, and while none of this is anything you’d desire, here are a few changes you can make to your daily routine to help prevent it. 

Switch your cleanser
Your skin has to deal with enough harsh conditions during the winter, your cleanser shouldn’t be one of them. Switch to a gentle, creamier cleanser that won’t further dry out and irritate your skin. 

Keep up with SPF & Vitamin C 
Incorporating vitamin C into your morning routine will help to reduce dark spots and boost the production of collagen and elastin, leaving you with a smoother, brighter glow all winter long.  And don’t skip out on the sunscreen just because it’s cold. Sun damage can still occur in the winter. 

Use heavier moisturizers
The heat is on and you need heavy hitting moisturizers to help combat its drying effects. Look for ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid and consider investing in a night cream to help continue hydrating and nourishing your skin while you sleep. 

Continuing to do so 2-3 times a week will help remove the dead, dry cells that make your complexion appear dull in the winter, while also allowing for better absorption of moisturizing products.

Keep up with your Deminuage routine 
Using your NanoPen daily will further help you cut through the outermost layer of skin to deliver both moisturizing and vitamin C serums deeper, making them 20x more effective.

Don’t forget your eyes and lips
The skin around your eyes is thinner and more fragile, making it more susceptible to drying out in the harsher winter conditions. Using an eye cream will help ward off this dehydration and lessen the appearance of dark circles. And while it might seem that chapped lips are an inevitable part of the season, exfoliating before applying chapstick will help keep lips soft and moisturized. 

Don’t overdo the hot water
While hot showers help cut winter’s chill, hot water dries out your skin, so try to keep showering times to a minimum and lather up the moisturizer immediately after. 

Lastly, but most importantly, don’t forget the water. We tend to drink less in the colder months, so make sure to stay on top of your intake even when you’re not thirsty.

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