How to care for your skin after 50

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You’ve hit the half century mark and that is something to be celebrated. By now, you’ve built up a treasure chest of wisdom, cherished memories, and solid relationships and have the rest of your life stretched ahead to enjoy all three. Also, possibly for the first time in a few decades, you may now have time for me-time. There’s no better way to celebrate this newly found freedom than by investing it back into yourself – both in your health and your skin. 

Your skin concerns 
As women near menopause, a decline in estrogen slows down the collagen production, while also drying out the skin. Your skincare routine should be tailored to supplementing collagen production and skin cell renewal while also treating fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots.  

Still practice prevention 
No matter your age, sunscreen should always be a must-have in your routine. Put it on every morning, in addition to a Vitamin C serum, to help keep your skin protected from the free-radicals in the environment that expedite aging. A vitamin that packs a punch, Vitamin C will also help even out skin tone, brighten your complexion, and promote the production of collagen and elastin. 

Take advantage of me-time 
As always, taking care of yourself from the inside out is of the upmost importance and should be treated as such. Drinking water, eating a diet rich in antioxidants, practicing healthy forms of stress relief, working out, and sleeping well can do wonders for your happiness, health, and skin. 

Stay moisturized 
Make hydrating your skin one of your main goals. Opt for a non-irritating creamy cleanser and alcohol-free toner that won’t strip your natural oils. Look for moisturizers that are oil or cream-based and contain ceramides or hyaluronic acid. The former will help you form a protective layer that holds in the moisture and the latter is a humectant that draws in moisture from the air and brings it back into your skin. And while you’re taking such good care of your face, remember your neck and body deserve some love as well.

Stimulate collagen production 
Using a retinol to help speed up collagen production and increase cell turnover will help to keep skin plump, while also smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, and skin tone. Taking the time to massage your products into your skin also has helpful benefits, including stimulating collagen production and cell turnover while also improving blood flow and facial toning. 

Another great way to increase cell-turnover, exfoliation should still be an important part of your routine. Doing so two to three times a week will help eliminate the dead skin cells that have accumulated and allow products to reach deeper into your skin. 

Your Deminuage NanoPen
Already an effective form of skincare, serums typically hold higher doses of the above active ingredients that will help you continue on a path of aging gracefully. Pairing them with your Deminuage NanoPen will increase their effectiveness by 20x thus making it a great asset in your daily routine.  

Check in with your skin 
Scheduling check-ins with your Dermatologist is not only a great preventative measure, but they’ll be able to help you become more in tuned with your skin’s needs and the products best suited for your skin type. Regular visits will help ensure your skin remains in top-notch condition for the next 50 years to come.  

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