Microneedling Part 2: Aftercare 

While sticking needles in your face may seem a little off putting for some, the art of microneedling has been around since the 90s and is an effective way to stimulate skin’s collagen growth. If you’re looking to learn more about the procedure, we created a post touting its benefits here. This post is a follow up to the original, giving you insight into what you can expect in the days following your appointment and how to take care of your skin. Please note that this blog post is just a guideline and that you should talk to your doctor about your own personal treatment plan following care. 

What side effects should you expect?
Immediately after your appointment, you’ll probably notice that your skin feels warmer and tighter than usual. It will also have a flushed red coloring, similar to a sunburn. For most patients, this lasts for up to 24 hours, but for some, it can take up to a week for the redness to subside. Some swelling, peeling, bumps, and breakouts can also be expected during the first few days, but that’s not in every case. 

How to manage your skincare routine: 
It is due to the minuscule trauma created that microneedling repairs the skin. These wounds, however small, will need special treatment in the days following your procedure, which means you won’t be able to continue with your regular skincare routine. For the next three days, you’ll want to wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser that’s both unscented and natural. After washing, pat your face dry. Do not rub. Be sure to wash your hands before washing or touching your face and refrain from using any powered face washing tool for at least a week. 

Avoid anything that would be considered abrasive or irritating in the first 2-3 days, such as alcohol-based toners, exfoliants, or scrubs. While Retinol and Vitamin C should also be avoided during this time, hyaluronic acid is sometimes recommended to help stimulate and continue the collagen production. Your face will probably feel drier than usual, making it important to both stay hydrated and moisturize. Again, stick to moisturizers with gentle and all-natural ingredients. Your doctor may also prescribe you a topical antibiotic cream to use during this time. 

Avoid Makeup 
While it may be instinctual to want to throw on some coverup while your face is red and blotchy, healing will happen faster when your skin can breathe and recover. It is highly recommended not to wear makeup for at least 24-72 hours after microneedling. After this period is up, be sure to clean your makeup brushes before use, since any contaminants can cause irritation and worse, infection. 

Sun Care 
While sunscreen should always be a daily part of your routine, it’s even more vital in the first few weeks following treatment. Don’t leave the house without wearing SPF 25 or higher and if possible avoid the sun altogether or at least for prolonged periods of timxe in the first week. In the first three days you’ll want to avoid situations that induce sweat, including saunas, the gym, tanning beds (which you should always avoid), and the pool. 

After-care for your Deminuage NanoPen
Our Deminuage NanoPen was designed for everyday home-use, so it increases your skin’s ability to absorb your serum’s active ingredients through temporary microchannels without any harsh side effects. Since these channels automatically close within 20-30 minutes and there is no skin trauma during usage, you can resume your normal skincare routine and wear makeup immediately after. On booster days, we do recommend wearing a face mask directly after use to further soak in the nutrients of the mask. To learn more about the differences between the NanoPen and microneedling, check out part one of this blog post here.

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