Skincare tips for working from home 

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2020 will go down in history as the year that our routines collectively were turned upside down. While for some, working from home may seem like a dream come true, the sudden change in routine, the addition of entertaining children, and the fears associated with a pandemic can make the experience a stressful one indeed. These added stressors can negatively impact both your skin and your health, so while it’s easy for routine to be thrown out the window in a time of such great change, it’s important to keep some form of normalcy. Here are some tips on doing just that. 

Your day really begins the night before. While having no commute and a later wakeup feels like incentive enough to stay up later watching your favorite show, giving yourself a set bedtime can help you wake up refreshed the next day. If you have kids, keep them on their sleep schedule and then sneak in a bath, put on an invigorating face mask, light some candles, listen to some music, and do whatever you need to melt away some of that added stress. Also, while it’s tempting to not cleanse your face when you haven’t left the house all day, it’s still an important part of your skincare regimen. 

Stay in a routine 
Wake up at the same time that you did with your commute and use that additional time to slow down your morning. Cook yourself that healthy breakfast that you’ve been wanting to try or savor your coffee with a book on your front porch. And be sure to take part in your morning skincare routine. Long term stress can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which means using your NanoPen daily is more important than ever. Also, if you’re still in the habit of wearing makeup daily, take a day off every once in a while to let your skin breathe and just throw on some mascara for that conference call. 

Be sure to also create a designated workspace. While it might not seem like a big deal, having a space that you can step away from after the work day is done will help you mentally step away from it as well. If you don’t have an office available, create a small space for a desk or pack up your stuff off of the kitchen table after you’re finished for the day.

Stay Healthy
Having the fridge only steps away can be tempting. While in times of stress it feels natural to reach for our favorite comfort foods, be proactive about finding enjoyable healthy alternatives while grocery shopping. Both your health and skin will thank you. Also, reward yourself with things other than food. Make yourself fresh fruit-infused water to encourage hydration and go on an afternoon walk (don’t forget the sunscreen) for some Vitamin D. Stretch, take time to practice yoga or meditation, do an online exercise class, cuddle your pet, or even just rest your eyes after set periods of time. Setting up these rewards won’t only just help release pent-up anxiety, but they will also help incentivize you to stay on track. 

Reach out to your community 
While working from home might not be the zen-filled experience you hoped it would be, implementing some of these tips can help put you in a more relaxed mindset and feel better throughout the day. With overly energetic kids and pets running around, it’s not always easy for parents to make these changes, but try using your network to find out what has been working for them to keep their kids quietly entertained. While it may feel like you’re in this alone, there’s millions of others in the same boat. Even just adding an extra 20 minutes of peace and quiet could do wonders for your stress level.  

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