The Secret Behind the Deminuage Blanq Brightening Serum

The Deminuage NanoPen was designed to enhance the active ingredients of facial serums by transporting them through temporary channels that bypass the outermost layer of skin. This powerful tool works best when paired with an effective serum, which is why it was important to our team to create a serum that was just that. The Deminuage Blanq Serum was crafted using a blend of four powerful ingredients that work together with your Nanopen to create a healthy, youthful glow. Those ingredients are tranexamic acid, rice ferment filtrate, niacinamide, and sodium hyaluronate. Better understanding these four skin-boosting superstars will help you better understand how our Blanq Serum benefits your skin. 

Tranexamic Acid
This acid’s power is in its ability to restore skin’s natural radiance. It does this by reducing discoloration, while also brightening the complexion. It is effective against a variety of skin woes including melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, freckling, and splotchy complexions. 

Rice Ferment Filtrate
Better known as sake, rice ferment filtrate is rich in enzymes that exfoliate skin’s outer layer by gently removing dead skin cells without stripping away moisture. In addition to hydrating, smoothing, and promoting self-renewal, this fermented rice wine also contains a powerful antioxidant that works with tranexamic acid to help fade dark spots and discoloration. 

A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide is known for its ability to soothe and heal. It helps to stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, while also protecting skin from environmental damage making it a heavy hitter in your anti-aging routine. This B3 is also beneficial in reducing acne inflammation, minimizing large pores, and brightening skin. 

Sodium Hyaluronate
A humectant that’s derived from hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate combats dryness by pulling moisture out of the air and back into your skin. This added hydration smooths fine lines and wrinkles, creates youthful plumpness, and improves skin’s elasticity. 

What can you expect from your Deminuage Blanq Serum? 
Powerful in their own right, it is when combined that these four active ingredients shine most. Together they'll help brighten any skin discoloration such as dark spots and under eye circles, while also hydrating and smoothing to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The Blanq Serum itself is lightweight and leaves no sticky residue, just soft, luminous-looking skin. And while it’s effective on its own, Blanq’s active ingredients are instantly boosted when used together with your Deminuage NanoPen. If you’re interested in adding Blanq Serum or the NanoPen to your own skincare routine, you can find it on the Deminuage website. 

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