Why your skincare routine isn’t working

Photo by The Creative Exchange You’ve bought the products and made the commitment to take care of your skin, yet you’re still not getting the flawless supermodel results you were hoping for. Why? It could be that you’re committing one of the below errors when it comes to skincare. 

1. You’re not applying your products in the right order.
A good rule of thumb is to apply products from thinnest to thickest consistency, but like every rule there are some exceptions, so it’s good practice to check the instructions on your product label. Also, be sure to allow enough time for the product to absorb before starting to apply the next one.

2. You’re not applying your products at the correct time
Again, it’s important to read the instructions on the label, because timing really does matter when it comes to certain products. Just as sunscreen wouldn’t make sense to apply before bed, retinol, whose effectiveness is negated by the sun, wouldn’t make sense to use at night. 

3.You’re inconsistent with your routine
Persistence is key. For many of your products, it’ll take months for you to see results, so you shouldn’t expect them immediately.

4. You’re using your products incorrectly.
You could be using too much or not enough. Check the label as a reference for this, because not all skin types are alike. For example, oily skin may need less moisturizer than drier skin. 

5. Your products are expired 
If there is a color or smell change or separation in the oil and water, your product may no longer be good. Also, make sure you look at expiry dates at the time of purchase to be sure you’re not spending money on a product that’s about to expire. On the back of your label is a jar looking symbol that contains a number within it. That number is your product's shelf life and it’s typically in months. 

6. You’re storing products incorrectly
It’s important to read the storage instructions on the label, because incorrect storage can quickly ruin your expensive products. That being said, It’s good practice tokeep all products out of direct sunlight. 

7.Your products aren’t right for your skin type
Learning your skin type is important for many reasons, but most importantly, so that you don’t end up wasting money on products that won’t benefit you, or worse hinder your skin. 

8. You aren’t exfoliating enough
Nothing prevents products from effectively penetrating your skin faster than a layer of dead skin cells. Make it a point to exfoliate a few times per week to keep your pores unclogged. 

9. You aren’t cleansing properly 
Cleansing helps to remove the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells that clog your pores and prevent product penetration. Make it the first step of both your morning and evening routine. 

10. Your product isn’t strong enough 
If you’ve been using the same product for an extended period of time and are not seeing results, it could be that it’s not strong enough. Try using a product at a higher strength instead. 

11. There is a change in seasons or climate
In warmer climates or seasons, you’ll have a ramped up production of sebum and will want to consider swapping out your moisturizer for a lighter one. And just like your moisturizer, you could have products that once worked, that are now causing congestion or dryness with a change in climate or season. 

12. You’re Experiencing Hormonal Changes
Hormones love affecting every aspect of your body and your skin is no exception. You don’t get a break with pregnancy or menopause either. So if you’re having issues with your skin, consider that you may need to make some changes to reflect your hormonal changes. 

13. Your medication could be at fault.
Certain medications can alter how your body reacts to other products, along with drying out your skin or stimulating oil production. Consider consulting your doctor to find out how yours affects your skin. 

If you find yourself still struggling with your skin after taking all of the above into consideration, it might be time for you to visit your dermatologist. Their expert advice will help guide you through your skincare journey and make the changes necessary for getting the ultimate glow you desire.

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