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Easy to use

I really love this product , as an esthetician it is so easy to you and with great results. My skin feels soft all the time so I know that it is getting the job done.

Nanopen and serum

The nanopen is amazing I love how my smooth my skin feel after using the products. The only thing is the serum dries out my skin that's why I gave a four-star review.

Before and after

All I can say is wow ! YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder
Absolutely in love!!!

This is such a neat tool, and makes your skin look and feel softer just after a few days of use,! I can already see results, so I'm excited for a month to see where my skin stands! The face masks are the best I have tried! All in all this is a great product nano pen is just so cool!

Easy to use!

I’ve been using it for a week and I was so surprised by how clear my skin looked and how soft it felt after using the nano pen! I excited to see more results!

i've never felt more hydrated!

My skin has always been very dry but super oily t-zone and lately it's been needing a moisture boost for sure so when i tried this mask i was instantly in LOVE!!!!! just the way my face feels afterwards and the cooling feeling while you wear it i'm just obsessed! i have super sensitive skin and this didn't mess with my skin at all! i will most definitely be repurchasing because i need to have these on deck at ALL TIMES!!!

Very good product

Enjoy use it every day.

Fell good

I just start using it today and feel good. I hope will see the best results

Most effective serum

This is a very effective serum, I see a difference even when i use it on the days without the nanoneedling device.

Amazing skincare device

This is my first time using a device like this, I'm not sure of all the benefits yet, but I know some. It's a really nice set comes with everything you need

Love it!!

This non-evasive nano-pen made my skin feel soft and plush after using it. I love it!!


I absolutely loved Deminuage! Definitely worth it if you’re thinking about getting!!! The NanoPen kit is absolutely painless and I saw results right away. Definitely recommend for all:

Love it !!

It works beautifully and I can see results. Over all I think everyone should try it . 💞

On the days you need a little extra

This is a great once a week boost for my skin. I use it to get my Retin-A to go a little deeper or will use it with serums that target hyperpigmentation. It makes my skin glow. All the Deminuage cartridges are good but the Zip and Grand Boost are my favorites!

I love them

Great results

This is my favorite!

Out of all the cartridges, I love the Grand Booster the best. I use it with my Retin-A once a week to get even greater penetration. This is a game changer in the world of nano needling!

Booster NanoChips - 5 Pack
Sheila Henderson
Smooth skin

Really like how my skin feels after doing this treatment. Very easy to use.


QuickPore is the most effective serum I have used and the NanoPen is an excellent delivery system. This is one of the few investments I have made for skincare that actually delivered what they promised.

Loving it!

I have only used the quickpore serum twice but I will say that afterwards my face definitely looks more plump and refreshed. I think if I were to be better about being consistent with this product I would see some really amazing results.

Love the kit

Easy to use and so far I love it. Will for sure buy more cartridges to refill my Nano Pen. Can’t wait to see results.

I am obsessed

I’m a licensed esthetician, and I’m new to nano needling or nano infusion. I purchased a professional pen for work. But I wanted to give Demiunage a try, for it being a home tool it works great. My skin looks so plump and hydrated. I infused my own vitami C serum.

I have gotten so many compliments on my skin I am obsessed.

Love it!

I’ve been using this pen for about a week in a half and so far I’m really enjoying the results! My skin is so soft and firm and I enjoy the brightening serum with the pen. Gives a great glow!

Love this little pen!

I have been micro needling for 10+ years now. I started hearing more about nano needling and when I researched it, I came upon the Deminuage pen. At first I wasn't sure. I never trust reviewers who say "instant results" especially with something like this. But after using it for a little over a month I can say I love it! I have notice my skin looking more hydrated and feelings softer. After a recent trip to the beach I came back home with hyper-pigmentation which I normally keep under control, a little out of control. The Deminuage and serum helped to fade them! The serum that comes with it is a very good serum, light weight and not sticky but I also like the fact that I can also use my own products. My favorite cartridge is the Grand which I use once a week along with my Retin-A (I don't suggest this unless your skin is used to it). I love how I can get around my eyes with this pen while using products to help with creepiness and dark circles. My eyes look more hydrated and my lids look more firm and lifted. This is my new favorite gadget. Easy to use, fast and effective. The companies customer service is also very good. They will answer all your questions quickly! You can't go wrong with this pen.

Smooth skin

So far I have only used it a couple of times but my skin is so smooth afterwards.
I really like it!!