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Smooth skin

So far I have only used it a couple of times but my skin is so smooth afterwards.
I really like it!!

Awesome and truly efective!

I have a very resistant skin. I used the daily NanoChip a few times with no apparent results. With the Grand Booster I saw an immediate transformation. I use it twice a week and my skin looks amazing.

Fantastic results so far

I have been using the Deminuage device with both types of NanoChips several times a week for the last few weeks. I am an older woman with acne scars, lax skin, pigmentation, and some wrinkles. My skin has had a positive response and has tightened, lightened, and has a translucent glow. My acne is pretty much over right now. It definitely looks much better and I will continue to use these products! It takes just a little time and is easy to do. But you do have to keep doing it. Whatever products you use do seem to have a greater effect. I have been using their serum and I also use other simple moisturizing products afterwards. My skin looks great and I am very happy to have found this!

Brightening my skin!

My skin appreciates this nano tool. I have a glow from first use and every use!


These nano chips ate great!! Live using with brightening serum I had purchased 9rior..Thank you so much.

Nano pen

Excellent, very fast shipping , easy to use on face with great results

Great product.

The mask is really nice. It rejuvenates my skin. My skin feels soft and looks glowy. Love it! Thank you Deminuage skincare!

Very good

It's super easy to use, painless and I feel like I'm using super serum when I use it 🙃

Amazing at home treatment

The nano chips are amazing. So easy to use and truly pain free. Great way to do a anti-aging treatment at home.

This is an amazing pen

This tool is so amazing it has really helped with my skin texture and acne scarring! I use it once a day and I love it it is super simple and easy to use.


My skin feels so rejuvenated and healthy after every use! I totally love it!

Amazing product !!!

My skin feels and looks incredible after using this. I love how my skin has a glow to it . It doesn't hurt at all, no pain what so ever. This was really easy too use.

Hydrated and glowing skin

Love love love my gold lux pen. I’m a bit obsessed with it actually. Love the anti-aging serum ,it makes my skin look marvelous. I use a hyloronic acid serum in between and that works well also. So happy to have found this product!!!

Works amazing

I’m amazing at how this product works. I tell all my friends about it and they all want to try it

I really loved the kit.

I just hope they come up some nano chips can be re-used to save some money.

Great experience so far

Received the next day of ordering it. Super fast! I can't say how effective yet, will revisit that later, but so far impressed, came undamaged, all parts working. Customer support was great too. All my questions were answered almost immediately.

Great anti-aging solution

I have tried many different skincare products on my skin. Unfortunately, it seems only the expensive ones work. I’m really hesitate to try less expensive methods to achieve what I was looking for. I tried the Lux kit for 4 weeks so far and followed up with my regular cream, and nightly moisturizer. I'm 49 years-old and my skin has never been so soft and smooth.

An absolute favorite of mine.

My skin feels so bouncy, soft and well hydrated after use. A noticeable glow.

I absolutely love the face mask.

My skin type is sensitive and these are so moisturizing for my face. You get so much extra serum to apply in the neck and other areas. Amazing when refrigerated! Recommend if you are looking for a real repair and hydration boost!

Working so far

Bought this kit during the Labor Day deal. The kit comes with a lot nanochips and serum. I’ve only used less than half so far. I feel the fine lines under my eyes are so much better.

Better followed with a mastk

The kit is super easy to use. I love the packaging, especially how they packed the chips. Each chip comes in its own bag. I had a little bit redness after using the booster chip. Contacted their customer service and they suggested me to use a mask after the booster treatment. It definitely helped and my skin feels so soft and smooth.

feels like a massage

The best thing of the tool is it just feels like a massage. I didn’t feel any pain when I glide it on my face. I was very excited when I first see this because I’m always terrified of needles. I’m not sure if this will do the exact same thing as microneedling… but I love the results and feel so far.

Great for acne prone skin

I bought this kit mostly to treat acne scar on my face and it has been great! I used it for almost two months now. It really does help repair my acne scars. I will order more booster nanochip and serum soon.

Great anti-aging starting kit for late 20's

If you want your face to feel rejuvenated, I would recommend this kit. I use it everyday for three weeks and the result is definitely noticeable. For me, it works better with my Estee Lauder serum. After I have finished treating my face, I will also use the nanochip and serum in the neck area. It is such a nice way to treat yourself before sleeping every night.