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It’s really expensive

I think it’s overpriced for what it is… also not sure how great the quality of the ingredients are in the serum. I would have paid like half price of the nano lux pen and cartridges/serums it came with. There are t enough reviews to justify the higher price of the product

Best microneedle

I love the pen needleling. Thanks for making such a wonderful device!


Love these combinations of tips & serum.

Incredible! Needs a kit

The special NanoChips need their very own kits because holy moly…I need them in my skincare routine at least twice a month. With these I felt an immediate difference in how much product was penetrating the skin; the next morning I woke up and my skin looked AMAZING! Excited to see what the results will be if I continuously use these for a few months. Thanks for changing my skin! My skin is glowing, my dark spots are going away & my confidence is back w/less hormonal breakouts. Everyone needs a Deminuage in their skincare routine.

Can’t get enough!!

All I can say is using these products consistently has completely changed my skin. Thank you for making this attainable for everyday people to use at home.

A must have in skincare routine!

I will never go a day without using the NanoPen during my skincare routine; my skin is glowing and looking better as the days pass. Can’t wait to see what a month of use will do for it!

Route Package Protection

Rosacea alert

I have rosacea & this product is not for my skin at this time. Wish they would have some contraindication info on their website.

Best Repairing Mask Ever!!!

I just love this mask so much! It is perfect repair for after cosmetic treatment.

QuickPore™ NanoPen Lux (Device Only)


It is a wonderful product, which helps a lot with lines and I love it


My skin looks great and feels great!


I love how my skin looks with this serum, I recommend it 👏 it's excellent, thousand skin looks great

I have not received yet?
Agim Khaled


I've been using the Deminuage Nanochip pen for 1 month and I can tell that my skin texture and overall skin tone has greatly improved! Thank yo so much Deminuage!

I love my kit!

The serum is amazing!!it makes my skin super soft and I also love that the serum doesn’t have a scent because I have sensitive skin. YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder
Easy to use

I really love this product , as an esthetician it is so easy to you and with great results. My skin feels soft all the time so I know that it is getting the job done.

Nanopen and serum

The nanopen is amazing I love how my smooth my skin feel after using the products. The only thing is the serum dries out my skin that's why I gave a four-star review.

Before and after

All I can say is wow ! YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder
Absolutely in love!!!

This is such a neat tool, and makes your skin look and feel softer just after a few days of use,! I can already see results, so I'm excited for a month to see where my skin stands! The face masks are the best I have tried! All in all this is a great product nano pen is just so cool!

Easy to use!

I’ve been using it for a week and I was so surprised by how clear my skin looked and how soft it felt after using the nano pen! I excited to see more results!

i've never felt more hydrated!

My skin has always been very dry but super oily t-zone and lately it's been needing a moisture boost for sure so when i tried this mask i was instantly in LOVE!!!!! just the way my face feels afterwards and the cooling feeling while you wear it i'm just obsessed! i have super sensitive skin and this didn't mess with my skin at all! i will most definitely be repurchasing because i need to have these on deck at ALL TIMES!!!

Very good product

Enjoy use it every day.

Fell good

I just start using it today and feel good. I hope will see the best results