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Easy to Use

I love how easy to use this device and really feel that its working on my skin as a see a great difference compared to just mere application of the serum. Sending this review from the Philippines!

First time user

I kept seeing estheticians mention nanochanneling, so I started researching it and I eventually bought this brand. I am so glad I did! Not only is this brand very affordable compared to others (one is almost 300 for the pen) but it's a great device with wonderful benefits and results! It didn't hurt whatsoever and my skin has been looking amazing! I've only used the daily chips, but I'm actually buying the grand booster today! I can definitely see my expensive serum are doing so more more now, and this device is so easy to use!

I’m satisfied with the results. You can tell that it really works as long as you use a high quality serum.


The first use of using this product I saw immediate results on my skin. My skin felt so smooth, it’s more hydrated, my discoloration has been fading quicker. I’m was amazed. Best purchase.

Fantastic results

I was spending a fortune on facials. I can now do it at home. This is perfect for my sensitive skin. My skin glows after using. It would be nice to try your products.
Please send me samples or coupons.
I have recommended to my sister and friends.

It’s really expensive

I think it’s overpriced for what it is… also not sure how great the quality of the ingredients are in the serum. I would have paid like half price of the nano lux pen and cartridges/serums it came with. There are t enough reviews to justify the higher price of the product

Best microneedle

I love the pen needleling. Thanks for making such a wonderful device!


Love these combinations of tips & serum.

Incredible! Needs a kit

The special NanoChips need their very own kits because holy moly…I need them in my skincare routine at least twice a month. With these I felt an immediate difference in how much product was penetrating the skin; the next morning I woke up and my skin looked AMAZING! Excited to see what the results will be if I continuously use these for a few months. Thanks for changing my skin! My skin is glowing, my dark spots are going away & my confidence is back w/less hormonal breakouts. Everyone needs a Deminuage in their skincare routine.

Can’t get enough!!

All I can say is using these products consistently has completely changed my skin. Thank you for making this attainable for everyday people to use at home.

A must have in skincare routine!

I will never go a day without using the NanoPen during my skincare routine; my skin is glowing and looking better as the days pass. Can’t wait to see what a month of use will do for it!

Route Package Protection

Rosacea alert

I have rosacea & this product is not for my skin at this time. Wish they would have some contraindication info on their website.

Best Repairing Mask Ever!!!

I just love this mask so much! It is perfect repair for after cosmetic treatment.

QuickPore™ NanoPen Lux (Device Only)


It is a wonderful product, which helps a lot with lines and I love it


My skin looks great and feels great!


I love how my skin looks with this serum, I recommend it 👏 it's excellent, thousand skin looks great

I have not received yet?
Agim Khaled


I've been using the Deminuage Nanochip pen for 1 month and I can tell that my skin texture and overall skin tone has greatly improved! Thank yo so much Deminuage!

I love my kit!

The serum is amazing!!it makes my skin super soft and I also love that the serum doesn’t have a scent because I have sensitive skin. YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder
Easy to use

I really love this product , as an esthetician it is so easy to you and with great results. My skin feels soft all the time so I know that it is getting the job done.

Nanopen and serum

The nanopen is amazing I love how my smooth my skin feel after using the products. The only thing is the serum dries out my skin that's why I gave a four-star review.

Before and after

All I can say is wow ! YouTube video placeholder YouTube video placeholder