How to Use 706 Steps

Begin with freshly washed skin.

Remove a new NanoChip cartridge from its sealed bag and screw into the NanoPen with chip side facing outward.

To use the Daily NanoChip with your own serum, apply the serum evenly to your face, or the area you’d like to focus on.

To use the Booster or Daily NanoChip with Deminuage Blanq Brightening Serum:

1. Open serum by placing hands on each end of the bottle and twisting along the bottleneck.

2. Place rubber head over the bottle, ensuring there’s no gap between the dipper and bottle.

3. Apply serum by holding bottle vertically to face and gently tapping the rubber head against skin’s surface.

For first use, open the battery compartment by unscrewing the middle portion of the NanoPen. Install one AAA Battery in the direction indicated below.

To turn on, press the power button located on the bottom of the NanoPen.

Hold the NanoPen perpendicular to the face and gently begin sliding the NanoChip onto the skin, starting from inside to outside and bottom to top. Do not slide the NanoChip onto the same surface more than three times.

Continue until the desired area has been treated. Reusing the Blanq Brightening Serum is not recommended once opened.

Turn off by once again pressing the power button. Unscrew and dispose of the used NanoChip. Do not reuse. Clean the pen using a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or alcohol.